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BIOGRAPHY   Belinda Hoi-Yan Chan


My work has always been about this yearning desire and longing for something that we cannot seem to reach; it is something unknown, and is buried somewhere too close, deep within ourselves. We sometimes get hints and moments of a millisecond flashback of this “realm”, but then it vanishes swiftly, and all is left is the feeling and sometimes maybe a glimpse of an abstract memory. Almost like the moment you wake up from a dream, all that is left are the emotions, and they linger and become part of you. They drift and wander within these voids, and draw you closer and deeper into the absence. They are there and they are real; they are the realities that live within ourselves. ​ My paintings explore the uncanniness of these ‘unknown’ realms that exist in the human subconsciousness; and influenced by this profound sense of longing and loss, I create other-worldly landscapes that are infused with dream-like, surreal sensibility, abstract in existence, that blur the lines between abstraction, figuration and narratives. These worlds or inscapes exist between realms of psychology, reality and fantasy. My work explores the notion of unknowing, and the process of becoming and transforming, bringing focus on its own tension. The unknown, withholding the truth is like some sort of regenerative infinity loop- enables us to continually re-imagine the possibilities, and I believe it lies certain truths and can reveal about our unique human experience. It is a psychological journey of search for an alternative reality that escapes from the set beliefs we set for ourselves, caged in our own attitudes, and in our perspective of the world, and therefore endeavours to extend our human experience by exploring outside the limits and framework of a narrow rationalism, allowing a glimpse at the infinite possibilities of life.

After graduating from my MFA Fine Arts at the University of Arts London in 2019, I have been working and exhibiting in London, Vienna and Hong Kong.

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