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Between Earth and Sky, 2021                                    
Oil on Linen, 70 x 210 cm





‘Between Earth and Sky’ reveals an other-worldly landscape that is infused with a dream-like, surreal sensibility and is abstract in existence. This world blurs the lines between abstraction, figuration and narration, and portrays the impression of rebirth and passing and everything that flows between. It is perhaps a microcosm of certain realms that exist within ourselves. Multiple entities dwell, intertwine and merge into and out of existence. These entities take the form of the natural world (flowers, leaves, trees, vines etc.), then anthropomorphize into some kind of transcendental creatures with distinct spiritual essence that occupy the whole landscape. While each creature undergoes its own transformation and possesses its own narrative, they interact, merge and morph into one another's, giving life to new forms. They grow into larger units and compose new essence and tales for the space. The intertwining shapes and forms of these spiritual entities mimics the endless tides of transition and metamorphosis in life, physically, psychologically and emotionally; such as, from mother to child, from one thought or one place into another, experiences into memories, decisions into consequences, a second into a minute into an hour… Transition is the essence of all existence, even beyond time and space. The painting explores the process and tension of transformation, becoming, and the forces that drive these transitions. Everything has a beginning and an end; and a universe without change perhaps would not exist.

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Between Earth and Sky Series
Evolve, 2021                                   
Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30 cm

Spirit of Mortal Fears                
Oil on Canvas, 10 x 15 cm

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