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The Labyrinth of Solitude, Seefood Room, Group exhibition, August 2023

The Veil of Solitude, The Arca Hotel, Solo exhibition, Feb 2023

Vertical Merger, Riverside House, London. November. 2021

World's Sh***est Exhibition with Uncovered Collective, Online. March. 2021

Emergent Vision, 137 Copeland Road, London, Oct 2020

Devils, Gods and Software Engineers, Deptford Does Art, London, Apr 2020

Der Frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, Anatolia Schnitzel Gallery, Vienna, Nov 2019

Postopia, Ugly Duck Gallery, London, Feb 2019

Roots, We Are Arts Gallery, London, Feb 2019

Who Will Provide?, Crypt Gallery, London, Oct 2018

Beyond the Pale, Loft, Croydon Art Store, London, Aug 2018

Conflict, Chelsea College of Arts, London, Feb 2018


ST Headline News, HK, 10th March, 2023 (article)

ST Headline News, HK, 9th March, 2023 (article)

ELLE Magazine, HK Issue September 2023 (article)

Metro Broadcast,財智雙打 (Listen)

Totum Issue 002, Totum Studio, , Spring 2021



MFA Fine Art, The University of the Arts London, 2017-2019

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